Reducing Sri Lanka’s carbon footprint. Building a sustainable economy.

Our goal is to help cut industries´ greenhouse gas emissions by 7 per cent by 2030

What we do

We work with government, industries and energy experts to establish baselines for current industrial GHG emissions in Sri Lanka. Then, through a measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) system under development, we help industries track and report emissions reductions.

With the goal of attracting investment in low-carbon technologies, we help stakeholders identify, develop, promote and implement a coherent set of policies and regulatory measures. We also support highly polluting industries to comply with existing environmental regulations.

We build capacity within industry on climate change mitigation practices, while testing new technologies and methodologies designed to save energy and reduce GHG emissions. We also train energy experts who can guide industries as they transition away from fossil fuels.

Working with financial institutions and industries, we design financing options that will incentivize investing in low-carbon technologies. We also train industries and energy experts on financial analysis and how to prepare bankable investment proposals for low-carbon technology projects.

Sri Lanka’s industrial clean energy vision can only be achieved with women and youth at the heart. That’s why, every training we deliver, every policy we recommend or help draft, every financial instrument we design considers and addresses the needs of women and young people.

Sri Lanka's
Energy Savers

Every transformational story needs people who will take on a challenge, run with it and make change happen. Sri Lanka’s Energy Savers are exactly that: courageous industry leaders and energy practitioners determined to help the country to slash industries’ energy waste and GHG emissions.

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